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Mark Mendelsohn

Vice President of Software Engineering

Mark is an industry thought leader in data communications and programming.

Since 1979, he’s pioneered breakthroughs at Continental Insurance and consulted for tech giants like AT&T, Bell Labs, Qualcomm Cyber Security Systems, Google, and Bell Core. Over the decades, his impact is evident in published works, including a Data Communications Magazine cover story and a seminal article on Object-Oriented Data Communications in the C++ Report.

At WIDCOMM/Broadcom, Mark helped develop the world’s first certified Bluetooth stack, later adopted by Android as “Bluedroid,” driving connectivity in Android Phones and diverse devices from medical implants to the Nintendo Wii’s head unit. Mark champions BLE solutions for health, medical, and consumer electronics as a driving force in IoT development, shaping ideas into tangible realities.

His multidisciplinary expertise extends to a Juris Doctorate from Thomas Jefferson School of Law. You’ll find him piloting, motorcycling, and playing the trumpet and drums when he’s not busy innovating.