Save water. Save money.

Namara is the first AI-powered smart water control system that allows you to customize your home’s water flow on demand.

Namara Smart Water Control System

Water is life. Take back control of both. The Namara Smart Water Control System ensures you’ll save water, money, and the planet. We’ve created an easy, intuitive way to control water pressure, detect and prevent leaks, and streamline water use for your needs while boosting sustainability efforts at a global scale.

How it Works

Our revolutionary Smart Water Control System features an AI-powered valve attached to your home’s water main so you can fluidly manage settings with our mobile app – complete control from pipe to palm.

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Save some blue and some green.

Namara CoPilot App

Control your tap with a tap of your screen. The Namara CoPilot App lets you control your water settings, schedule events, detect and prevent leaks, track and filter through metrics, and learn usage trends.

Mobile application
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Resources Manager, Water Service Company

“We’re thrilled with the Namara Smart Water Control System because water scarcity is always a concern. Even when we have a good year and water levels are normal, we are always looking for ways to conserve water while still meeting demand and Namara lets the district do just that. It’s revolutionary tech and a total game changer.”

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Luke Dix, Insurance Agent

“We are pleased to promote the Namara Smart Water Control System to our customers. Knowing their homes are outfitted with automatic leak detection and shut off makes them more insurable, giving us and our customers peace-of-mind.”

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Civil Engineer, Building Industry Association

“The Namara Smart Water Control System is an exciting feature to offer in our new home builds. It’s easy to install and immediately increases the value of the home, both in the initial sale and in the resale price. But at the end of the day, we’re happy to offer Namara because it gives the homeowner peace of mind – that their investment is protected from catastrophic leaks – you can’t put a price on that.”

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Plumber, Plumbing Company

“We’re familiar with all sorts of products but none are quite like the Namara Smart Water Control System. There’s leak detection, water cut off, smart sensors… but Namara is the first technology we’ve seen that combines them all while also giving homeowners real control of their water for the first time. Namara is doing something totally different and we’re proud to offer it to our customers.”

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Property Manager, Property Management Company

“The Namara Smart Water Control System is a no-brainer for our large properties. Leaks are never good, but they can be absolutely catastrophic in a large building as the problem moves from one floor to the next. Knowing we’re protected from that kind of leak is huge for us as managers and for our residents. It also helps to bring down the cost of water coming into the building, and cost-savings that we can pass on to residents lets them breathe a little easier while making our buildings more desirable.”

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McKay Turnbull, President, Automation Design Group

“Namara is a bold new player in the smart home world and we’re very excited to recommend it to our discerning high-tech customers. It’s like a Nest thermostat, but for water, and you can control it right from your phone. A smart home wouldn’t be complete without the Namara Smart Water Control System.”

Working to Reduce Water Scarcity

We interact with water daily—whether it’s hydration, hygiene, or homemaking—we simply can’t live without it. Now water scarcity due to overuse and drought is a major threat, causing water supply to fall and prices to rise. The water crisis is at a critical juncture, with prices rising faster than any other utility, millions of Americans facing shortages, and trillions of gallons of fresh water wasted annually. It feels like our most precious resource may soon evaporate – but how can we help solve the water scarcity crisis when we don’t have control of our own water?

The Namara Smart Water Control System is the first device to give homeowners full control over water coming into the home while empowering individuals to lessen their water footprint — and their water bill — without changing their lifestyle. With Namara, water sustainability is no longer a pipe dream.

Namara Benefits

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Whether you’re a smart home enthusiast, bill-saver, leak-sufferer, or eco-advocate, Namara gives you total water control. Our Smart Water System features Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, ready to sync with your CoPilot App. Enjoy white-glove service, “water optimization” at your fingertips, 24/7 monitoring, automatic shut-offs, and immediate savings.

You own your home. It’s time to own your water.