A Smarter Water Company

Smart homes can be smarter.

With nearly a trillion gallons of water wasted annually through leaks and a massive gap between global water supply and demand, we founded Namara to help solve the water scarcity crisis and to give people real control over their home’s water for the first time.

We’re a team of technology innovators and entrepreneurs from the SaaS, Energy and Manufacturing, and Home-Building industries. And we know that what’s best for homeowners cleanly aligns with what’s best for the Earth.

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Namara donates a portion of every sale to water conservation and WASH charities, giving you as much choice over your donation as we do with your water. Every drop counts.

What’s in a Name?

The current calls. The waves greet. The water gives.
As people, we always return to the sea. It’s an ancient pull — mythic, primal, evolutionary, undeniable. From the shores of Black’s Beach in San Diego to South Africa’s point breaks in Jeffreys Bay, it’s our home, getaway, and resting place where we wish and dream to be.

Namara means “of the sea” in Gaelic. It’s more than a name – it speaks to everyone’s connection with water, a timeless waltz woven into the tapestry of humanity. We’re connecting a new tech solution to a universal natural experience.

Namara is more than a company — we’re a bridge between classical wisdom and crest-breaking genius.

Namara’s Mission: Save every drop.

Namara’s Mission: Save every drop.

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Water is Earth’s most important resource and vital for humanity’s everyday experience. But an unnatural cycle of waste, rising costs, and scarcity threatens to take away what we’ve always taken for granted.

We founded Namara to help solve the current water crisis and bring us one step closer to a more sustainable future. And like most solutions, it starts at home.

Namara gives homeowners the resources to control our most vital resource. Along with leak detection and prevention and customized flow and pressure monitoring, homeowners can connect to a community and ecosystem, consolidate antiquated water and plumbing devices, reduce water and sewer costs, and give communities data patterns to inform more efficient strategies upstream.

Water should not be a privilege but a right. And there’s no time like right now to charge against the currents with a movement and ethos of conservation.

Water is what makes us. And Namara is made for you.

Let’s see a sea change together.


Cultivate trust through honesty with colleagues, customers, partners, investors, and the community.


Maintain perspective and take the work more seriously than we take ourselves.


Show commitment to the success of the team, the company, and the community as we all rise with the tide.


We cross oceans for our customers – helping them and finding sustainable solutions remains our purpose.


Promote open, meaningful communication, collaboration, and feedback.


Embrace the belief that everything unfolds purposefully, and there are no accidents in our journey.


Maintain a positive,
respectful attitude for everyone
in and outside the organization.

Control the water in your house to conserve the water of our planet, the home we all share.