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“I expected to feel less water pressure, but the difference was imperceptible. We reduced the flow from 60 to about 40 psi, and it feels the same in the shower, in the sink, everywhere. And our bill went down by $185 in just one billing cycle. It was that easy.”

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Namara Smart Water Control System

Save Water. Save Money.

The future of water conservation starts at home. Namara is the first AI-powered smart water control system that allows you to customize your home’s water flow on demand. Control your water settings, detect leaks, and optimize water use for your lifestyle – right from your smartphone.



Limited Time Offer*

Only the following states qualify for our pre-orders at this time: Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, Utah.
If you’re not in one of the above states, join the waitlist and sign up for our email newsletter in the meantime!


On demand or dynamic control:
Control the flow and pressure throughout your entire house and landscaping via your smartphone.

Real-time and predictive water and cost savings:
Empowers users with real-time, predictive insights into water usage, illustrating potential and actual water and cost savings by comparing scenarios with and without our device.

Low level leak detection:
We run daily plumbing checks to ensure you’re aware of the smallest issues like poor seals and pinhole leaks.

Auto-shut off for catastrophic leaks:
Detects spikes in flow rate and duration, identifying potentially catastrophic leaks and triggering an automatic shut-off.

Algorithmic machine learning monitors water flow and recognizes usage patterns and trends to identify leaks and optimize water efficiency.

  • CoPilot App Subscription Fee waived.
    Lock in your free lifetime subscription by being an early supporter!
  • We handle installation.
    Enjoy our white-glove service as we take care of everything for you!
Pre-Order Pricing and Shipping Info

Be one of the first to own the revolutionary Namara Smart Water Control System. When you pre-order, you’ll be charged $100 to reserve your device and when it ships, you’ll be charged the remaining amount. We’re shipping the first round of pre-orders in Spring 2025.

What’s Included?
  • Namara Smart Water Control System
  • CoPilot App
  • White-glove installation service
  • Early access to exclusive Namara community
  • Extended 10-year warranty
Product Specs & Details
  • Avg. Est. Water Savings: Up to 30%
  • Leak Detection Threshold: 0.6 GPD
  • Exclusive Pre-Order Price: $1,250
  • Service/Warranty Period: 10 years with pre-order
  • Product Dimensions:
    • Length: 330 mm
    • Depth: 160 mm (Including the adapters: 220 mm)
    • Height: 215 mm

Variable Flow Controller

Namara’s patented control valve is your home’s new best friend, reducing your water consumption and cost while maintaining your lifestyle. Hello, guilt-free showers!

  • Regulate flow and pressure: on-demand or automated
  • Continuous leak detection
  • Automatic shut-off for catastrophic leak detection and prevention
  • Identify individual household appliances and fixtures
  • Powered by advanced AI
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CoPilot App

Activate aqua autonomy with the Namara CoPilot: optimize water use and detect and prevent leaks from your smartphone.

  • Reduce water consumption
  • Save on monthly bills
  • Real-time water use metrics and trends
  • Budgeting for consumption and cost containment
  • Gamification for goals and achievements
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