Smart Water Control System

Graphic of a house, with exposed environments


Water Main

The Namara Smart Water Control System is installed on your home’s water main, empowering you to control water pressure for the whole home from a single point, observe flow rates in real-time, and gain peace of mind with automatic shut-off to detect and prevent leaks.

Graphic of a house, with exposed environments



Sync your shower before even stepping in with custom pressure settings for a perfect, guilt-free shower.

Graphic of a house, with exposed environments



Preset water flows for all your cooking and brewing needs with a smarter faucet – it’s like having a sustainability sous chef.

Graphic of a house, with exposed environments


Laundry Room

Your washing cycles are safe with leak detection and prevention.

Graphic of a house, with exposed environments



Instead of squandered sprinkler spray mist, irrigate your garden and greenery with a just-right water pressure for dewy landscapes and a system that doesn’t waste a drop.

Smart Home Integrations

Namara works seamlessly with third-party smart home automation devices.

Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Home, Control 4

Namara’s Smart Water Control System transforms your water management. Easily control settings, detect and prevent leaks, and optimize water use from your smartphone. With AI technology, regulating water consumption is a breeze. Customize your water experience effortlessly.

Product Features


Algorithmic machine learning monitors water flow and recognizes usage patterns and trends to identify leaks and optimize water efficiency.

And Predictive
Water And Cost Savings

Empowers users with real-time, predictive insights into water usage, illustrating potential and actual water and cost savings by comparing scenarios with and without our device, fostering informed decisions for efficient and cost-effective water management.


Track and view your water use monthly, daily, and even hourly via the CoPilot app and see how your home compares to others.

Shut Off

Co-Pilot app lets you shut off your water from anywhere.

On Demand
Or Dynamic Control

Control the flow and pressure throughout your entire house and landscaping via your smartphone to incrementally reduce water consumption and save money on your water bills without experiencing a tangible loss of pressure.

Auto-Shut Off
For Catastrophic Leaks

Detects spikes in flow rate and duration, identifying potentially catastrophic leaks and triggering an automatic shut-off.

Leak Alerts

SMS or push notification from the Co-Pilot app alerts you at the first sign of a possible issue and can connect you to a service professional in minutes

Regulator Monitoring

Equipped with a baseline water pressure profile, you’ll receive alerts for any pressure events that are under or over, along with the incident’s location.

Low Level Leak Detection

Namara runs daily plumbing checks to ensure you’re aware of the smallest issues like poor seals and pinhole leaks

Self-Contained power

Namara can operate off the grid, ensuring your home will be safer from water damage during power outages and emergencies.

Fingerprinting Using Real-Time Disaggregation

Tap into custom profiles for all your water points with data-backed insights for optimal use.

Smart Home

Seamless with third-party smart home automation devices such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, Control4, etc.


Find everything you need to meet your water and plumbing needs.

Freeze Detection

Namara detects freeze conditions before they set in, giving you time to take action and avoid damage from frozen pipes.

Variable Flow Controller

Namara’s patented control valve is your home’s new best friend, reducing your water consumption and cost while maintaining your lifestyle. Hello, guilt-free showers!

  • Regulate flow and pressure: on-demand or automated
  • Continuous leak detection
  • Automatic shut-off for catastrophic leak detection and prevention
  • Identify individual household appliances and fixtures
  • Powered by advanced AI
Illustration of a valve

CoPilot App

Activate aqua autonomy with the Namara CoPilot: optimize water use and detect and prevent leaks from your smartphone.

  • Reduce water consumption
  • Save on monthly bills
  • Real-time water use metrics and trends
  • Budgeting for consumption and cost containment
  • Gamification for goals and achievements
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Tap Into Complete Water Control

Be in Your Element

Namara frees home water use from the binary bind we’re all accustomed to — water is on or off— by giving individuals greater control over the water coming into their homes. Enhance your quality of life by harnessing the quantity of your water with our nuanced, PSI-modifying product for a just-right water experience. Schedule with ease. Automate when you wish. Optimize for life.

Only Namara provides constant on-demand control of settings, pressure, and flow, as well as improvement recommendations based on past usage patterns, the ability to compare your water usage to similar homes, and even the ability to irrigate your outdoor landscaping.

With Namara, combating waste isn’t a mirage. Save water and the environment with a solution that Mother Nature would approve.

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Whether you’re a smart home enthusiast, bill-saver, leak-sufferer, or eco-advocate, Namara gives you total water control. Our Smart Water Control System features Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, ready to sync with your CoPilot App. Enjoy white-glove service, “water optimization” at your fingertips, 24/7 monitoring, automatic shut-offs, and immediate savings.

You own your home. It’s time to own your water.